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Mountain Remote

Our inaugural online and remote version of the Mountain will be Oct 19 – Oct 23

July 1registration opens

$750early bird registration | Closed after September 28

Sept 28registration closes

Are you looking for a deeper, more immersive experience when it comes to your photography or documentary video storytelling skills? Are you looking for one-on-one coaching and inspiration from award-winning visual storytellers? If so, join us remotely at the Mountain Workshops for a week in October that will impact your life and your career. With a coach-to-student ratio of 1:7 for photo and 1:4 for video, the Mountain Workshops is an opportunity to receive the kind of quality mentorship that it takes to make a profound difference in your storytelling skills.



The Mountain is also about building relationships – with your story subjects, your mentors and your fellow participants who share your goal of becoming better storytellers. These relationships are built not only during your participation in Mountain Remote but also through participants’ free access to Mountain Light, an interactive event filled with inspirational presentations by a host of movers and shakers in the visual storytelling community who are collaborating with us.

There is a spirit here that lifts people up and pushes them toward successes in their photography that they might not have achieved on their own.

Rick Loomis, Independent Photojournalist | Photojournalism Coach

What we do

This remote photography and video educational event will take place between Tuesday, Oct. 19 and Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021. You will be able to work from your preferred location anywhere in the world. All of our event meeting times will be based on Central Standard Time. For example, if it is 9 p.m. New York time it is 8 p.m. Mountain Workshops time.

Depending on the workshop you choose, you will be responsible for selecting a visual story to document using photography or video. Your coach will reach out to you by Monday, Oct 18, or sooner to listen to your pitch and work with you on the concept, providing suggestions about the direction and content of the story. Documenting your story will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 19. You will be working with your coach in a small team. As your story progresses, you and your coach will arrange meeting times that will include individual and small-group discussion. You should expect no less than two meetings a day with your coach. These meetings will be conducted online, so you will need Internet access throughout the week.

If you are participating in the photography workshop, your finished project will include your final selected images, captions and a short story. If you are participating in the video workshop, you will need to produce a final short documentary video and a brief written description of your story. You will then deliver your project to a predetermined drop point by 4 p.m. CST, Saturday, Oct 23, so our web team will have access to the content in order to post the stories on our website for all to see.

Although you will be working remotely, we are expecting that you will fully immerse yourself in the experience in the same way you would in an in-person Mountain Workshops. We encourage you to remove yourself from any normal daily routines or responsibilities and make this a week focused solely on your project. And though you are not required to attend the evening Mountain Light sessions, they present extended opportunities to engage in the full experience of the Mountain.

To apply, please click on our application button below. Select the workshop of your choice and answer the required questions. Remember, your tuition for Mountain Remote includes admission to all Mountain Light events.

Mountain Remote seats are limited. Approved applicants are accepted in the order in which we receive them. Your admission is not guaranteed until you pay the tuition in full. Please visit our about page for details, frequently asked questions and our cancellation policy.



What You Gain

  • An opportunity to tell a story in a unique learning environment while collaborating with a professional mentor who will help guide you through the storytelling process
  • A shared experience with your story subject, producing a powerful visual and written project that not only informs but also reaches your viewers on an emotional level
  • Inspiration for your future storytelling goals through dynamic presentations and discussions with mentors and peers
  • Visuals that will be archived in the Mountain Workshops website and become a permanent record of your work
  • A network of friends, colleagues and connections that will continue throughout your career

Who Should Come

  • Pre-professional or early professional visual storytellers looking to increase their knowledge in the art of storytelling
  • Any visual journalist or commercial visual storyteller in need of inspiration and time away from the normal routine to experience visual immersion and to rejuvenate their passion
  • College students interested in documenting communities and the people who live in them