Ministering to the community
By Colin Murphey

Sharon Fields gazes toward the ceiling of the sanctuary in First Christian Church, where she is a substitute minister. She helps tend the needs of those in the community.

It's hard to imagine Sharon Fields ever slowing down.
She's everywhere. All the time.

From working at the Paris-Bourbon County Public Library to assisting at First Christian Church, where she is a substitute minister, Sharon is a constant and calming presence.

She's a city commissioner. She delivers books to residents at Bourbon Heights nursing home. And she is a regular at Lil's Coffee House on Main Street, often meeting with friends and citizens to discuss concerns over lunch or a piece of homemade pie, topped with a mountain of meringue.

Sharon is known for her nurturing ministerial skills. At the recent funeral of a beloved community leader, Sharon inspired those gathered in the sanctuary at First Presbyterian by extolling the virtues of a life well-lived.

Obituaries and tombstones always feature the birth date and death date, often separated by a dash. It's the dash that counts, Sharon says, it's what you do with that limited time that matters.

Sharon lives what she preaches – and makes the most of her dash.

Sharon searches through stacks in the Paris-Bourbon County Library. She works part-time at the library where she assists patrons and fills orders for delivery to Bourbon Heights retirement community.

Sharon Fields fills an order for reading materials.

Sharon has lunch with her friend Betty Ann Allen at Lil’s Coffee Shop. Fields is a regular at the popular gathering place and, as a member of the Paris Board of Commissioners, often meets with local leaders and concerned members of the community

Sharon Fields arrives at the Bourbon Heights nursing home with reading materials for residents.

Sharon catches up with Bourbon Heights resident and Marine Corps veteran Dee Fraley after dropping off reading materials for him. Bringing books, magazines and other materials to residents is a regular part of her weekly routine.

Sharon shares a laugh with members of a local knitting club at First Christian Church.

Sharon visits with members of a local knitting club at the First Christian Church. She is a substitute minister and regularly steps in to meet and interact with members of the community.

Sharon reaches for a book to fill an order for reading materials bound for residents of a local nursing home.

Sharon Fields embraces her friend Susan Eades in the Paris-Bourbon County Library. Fields works part-time at the library where she assists people and often receives visits from friends and regular patrons.