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Slices of Cynthiana life

Don Withers visits the grave of his late wife, Mary, with their son, Terry, in Battle Grove Cemetery, to place peonies beside her. Don and Mary Withers were married for 70 years and visited family in the graveyard together. Mary loved flowers and would plant the same perennial beside her grandmother's grave so they would bloom every year. Photo by Gaelen Morse
Denise Andrews cries with her goose, Mick, after deciding to euthanize him at the Harrison Veterinary Clinic in Cynthiana. Dr. Emily Bridge took x-rays to identify a large growth on Mick's left eye, and ultimately determined that it was a cancerous tumor degrading Mick's skull. "If you surround yourself with living things, you have to accept that they will die," Denise says after taking some time to contemplate her decision. Photo by Lauren Santucci
Yadira Perez, 15, left, and Amari Fultz, 15, hang out at the Hilltop Grill after a day of school at Harrison County High School on Oct. 30 in Cynthiana. Photo by Jessica Tezak
Youth football coach Bradley Ewalt (far left) talks to Chris Shepperd, 9, after the team's final practice of the season at Flat Run Veterans Park in Cynthiana. Bradley gives the team a final pep talk, reminding them of all the hard work they've put in this year, and the sacrifices they have each made to play. The Harrison County Youth Football Association rescheduled the end of season tournament due to a rain out, and the Colts were preparing to play the Trojans in the first round the next weekend. Photo by Steel Brooks
Students arrive at Harrison County High School by bus as the sun rises. Photo by Kelley Jordan Schuyler
Cruse Price, 6, and his father, Bradley Price, 38, check on cattle in rural Harrison County. Photo by Sarah Yenesel
Four-year-old Millie Ashbrook (right) walks back to her parents after recieving candy while trick-or-treating with other children in their neighborhood. Photo by August Gravatte
Cynthiana Mayor James Smith (right) officiates the wedding of Kelsey Dahl and James Kleve at Ashford Acres Inn. Photo by Bonnie Arbittier
Fyscher Jones cries as Matthew Jones, his father, tries to put on his Halloween costume in the bed of his pickup parked in the Save-a-Lot parking lot in Cynthiana. Photo by Gabi Broekema
Avi and Karen Bear's dog, Maydle, is learning to carry their invoices into the bank, much to the delight of Michelle Florence and other tellers at Kentucky Bank. Ziegler, their dog for many years before he passed, was a regular customer at the bank, grocery store, board meetings, and every other place Avi went. Maydle is Ziegler's niece. She has a lot to live up to in the community and gets many treats for trying. Photo by Lily Thompson
Cheerleaders from the HCA Gems All-Stars jump in unison during a practice in preparation for a competition in Louisville later in the week on October 30, 2019. The girls practice six days a week and compete in high-stakes contests throughout the state. Photo by Matthew Couch
Photo by Reed Mattison
Carter Perkins, 9, peeks over a school bus seat before getting off at Westsie Elementary School. Photo by Sam Mallon
Harrison County High School football player Tayshaun Custard, 17, is comforted by his little sister, Taliyah Slaughter,9, after hurting his ankle during the team's football game against Fleming County High School in Flemingsburg. It was the last game of the regular season. Photo by Tina Russell
A customer arrives at Kenny's Value Center with pet raccoon Loki on her lap. Photo by Anthony Eyring