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At home at Joe's Place

After an onslaught of bad weather, Kim Perraut, owner of Joe's Place Bar and Grill, prepares to open the bar doors in hopes that the better weather will bring in more customers.
For Joe Chambers and his daughter, Kim Perraut, Joe's Place Bar and Grill is not only their business but it's also where they feel at home.  So do many of their customers.
On a typical day at lunchtime, several regular customers are likely to gather around a table at Joe's Place.  Sometimes Joe joins them.
Regulars like Mike McKinney, Gary Evans and Bill Denkins don't even have to place an order; employees at Joe's Place know exactly what their customers want to eat and drink.

Retired since 2000, Dr. Richard Allen comes with friends for lunch almost every Wednesday.  

"I have a garden, and I like to eat at home.  I don't eat many meals away from home.  I like to fix what I eat and knowing what I have eaten. . . ," Richard says,  but Joe's Place "serves decent foods, not greasy, simple and they just taste good."  

Growing up in Cynthiana, Mike McKinney has known Joe since their teen years.  He is a construction worker and one of the regulars at Joe's Place.  "This is like home away from home," Mike says.  "My favorite food is the fish fry, and I walk out not hungry."
Joe, 74, opened Joe's Place Bar and Grill 11 years ago.  Every Thursday, Joe caters to the community by holding a pool tournament at his place.
For over 30 years before opening his place, Joe was a truck driver.  His current day job is selling and servicing septic systems.  Kim worked at the 3M factory in Cynthiana for 15 years. Ten years ago she started working for her father at Joe's Place where she feels her main contribution is serving her community. A year ago she took over ownership of Joe's Place. 
Kim's daughter, Sydney Perraut, 20, a nursing student, often comes to the restaurant to help her mother. She's keeping the family tradition going at this place many call home. 
Before the doors open for business, Kim makes a quick phone call and prepares the coleslaw for the day.
After working up an appetite getting ready to open the bar, Kim cooks some burgers for friends, employees and herself before opening the doors to customers.
Lunchtime regulars at Joe's Place Bar and Grill join owner Joe Chambers (second from left) for a meal served by Dorothy Tucker (left center) and Irene Irvin (right center). The regulars are Rick Roland (far left), Jr. Northcut (center), Dwight Shaw and Carl Ecklar.
After the lunch hour, Charles Tucker comes and waits for his wife, Dorothy Tucker, who is working at Joe's Place.
Waitresses Dorothy Tucker (from left) and Irene Irvin take a moment to relax after business in the bar slows. Between preparing the food and serving customers, this is their first chance to take a break all day.
Mike McKinney enjoys his beer at the bar after lunch. Mike, a local construction worker, is a regular at Joe's Place.
Tony Perraut embraces his daughter Sydney before taking her home for the day. Sydney, who is a nursing student, came by after school to help her mom, Kim, during the lunch hour rush.
Darrial O'Brien gets in some practice shots before the weekly pool tournament at Joe's Place. The tournament, which takes place each Thursday, has been a tradition at the bar for years.
Retired doctor Richard Allen talks with Dorothy, a waitress at Joe's Place. Richard usually talks with the staff while he waits for his friends to join him each Wednesday.
Just before opening, Kim talks with her father, Joe Chambers. Joe, who has passed the bar down to his daughter, founded Joe's Place in 2008.
Bar stools are empty as the rush hour fades at Joe's Place. The bar, just off of Highway 36, has been open for more than 11 years.