A love of baking – and each other
By Anna Connors

Arthur Newberry (left) takes a photo for several customers at Hopewell Bake Exchange while his partner, bakery owner, Andrea Pompei, looks on. Arthur, who is the owner of CaffeMarco, a coffee roasting business located two doors down the street from the bakery, frequently helps out at the bakery. Andrea opened the doors of the bakery to the public two months ago, after selling pastries at the farmers’ market since 2018.

Moonlight spills down Main Street as the light switch flicks on at Hopewell Bake Exchange. It’s 4 a.m. Baking time.

Andrea Pompei, 39, prepares dough for asiago bagels, cushaw black walnut muffins and broccoli and cheese quiche, listening to the news as she works.

She opened her bakery to the public this fall, after selling baked goods at the local farmers' market since 2018. Since opening, she’s hardly had time to catch a breath, beginning work between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. and often not finishing until 10 p.m. When she does take a moment to relax, it’s usually with Arthur Newberry.

Arthur, 27, is Andrea’s life partner and the owner of CaffeMarco Coffee Roasters and Kitchen Thrift, just two doors down Main Street. The two met at the farmers' market in the winter of 2021, after Arthur moved to Paris to take over operations at CaffeMarco from his uncle. They bonded over their shared passion for local and whole foods and their community involvement, including spending time pulling weeds at the Paris Community Garden.

A close friendship grew into more after a Halloween costume contest at the Rose & Thorne Pub in 2021. Andrea dressed as an owl, and Arthur a mouse. They won the contest, and as they parted ways that evening, Newberry kissed her on the cheek, then bolted home.

“After that, I knew he liked me,” she says.

Their relationship quickly blossomed, and a year later they moved in together.

“Arthur, in a lot of ways, is like taking a deep breath,” Andrea says. “[He] has such a positive energy. His wheels are always turning.”

Arthur balances fulfilling his own dream of owning a small business by roasting coffee at CaffeMarco with time spent assisting Andrea at Hopewell.

The two communicate seamlessly, Arthur helping bake while Andrea chats with customers.

Andrea still carries a list in her wallet of Arthur’s garden seeds that he wrote for her the day they met. He left his number at the bottom.

“There is a depth to our love,” Arthur says, pausing to think of his words while stirring a pot of miso soup for dinner. “There is so much left to discover."

Andrea writes the names and prices of her baked goods on the display case before opening. Andrea offers a new menu every day and frequently experiments with new recipes.

Andrea prepares dough early in the morning. The bakery is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., but Andrea is there early and stays late to prepare her pastries. She tries to make everything as fresh as possible.

A display case filled with broccoli and cheese quiches gleams in the morning light. Andrea tries to source as many ingredients locally as she can, placing an emphasis on wholesome grains. This value is something she and Arthur share, and one of the things they bonded over when they first met.

Arthur and Andrea share a moment in the bakery in between serving customers. "We joke that we need blinds," Andrea says. The two have been dating for two years.

Arthur takes a bite of an apple from Hatmaker Homestead, a local produce farm, as he unloads the car. Breaks to eat are often few because he is running between CaffeMarco and helping Andrea at the bakery.

Arthur grabs tofu from the fridge while Andrea slices kale for miso soup. Amigo, their dog, watches with curiosity. The two try to cook dinner as often as they can, and they frequently head back to the bakery after dinner to prepare more pastries for the following day.

A note from Arthur's dad attempting to come up with a "couple name" hangs on the fridge of Andrea and Arthur's home. The two moved in together last year.

Arthur and Andrea share a moment in their kitchen before dinner.. Between running CaffeMarco and Hopewell Bake Exchange, the time they have to relax is scarce, but when they can, it's all the more appreciated.

Andrea loads bagels onto a rack by the counter at the bakery early in the morning. After a long day, there is always more to do. In time, Andrea hopes to hire more help and shift into a managerial role at the bakery.