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Middle school sweethearts

Millie Ashbrook, 4, clings to her mother, Laura Ashbrook, moments after being awakened to get ready for pre-school. Laura is married to her school sweetheart, Josh Ashbrook, who was lifting weights at a local gym early in the morning while she got the kids ready for the day.

Before the break of daylight on an October morning, Josh Ashbrook locks the front door and leaves the house with his 4-year-old daughter, Millie, while his wife, Laura, heads out the back door to take their 1-year-old son, Tate, to day care.

So begins a typical day for the Ashbrook family. 

Laura and Josh have been together since their first date to a seventh-grade Halloween dance. After they graduated from Harrison County High School in 2008, Laura attended Morehead State University and Josh went to Campbellsville University. They both earned their bachelor's degree in physical education and health.

Eleven years after their first date, Laura and Josh married in 2013. 

Today they both teach physical education at Harrison County High School. 

“I’ve felt happy to come back. I would never live anywhere but here unless something really dramatic happens,” Laura says.

On top of his teaching job, Josh is the defensive coordinator for the football team, the head coach for boys wrestling and the school's first girls wrestling team.

“For us, it’s very important to have friend time, family time, spouse time,” Josh says. 

In the midst of their challenging schedules, Josh and Laura try to find time for each other a date night to Georgetown or a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

“We don’t have the time or the money half the time, and when we can it’s like man we need a payday first,” Laura says recalling that their last date had been four months earlier. 

Laura does most of the housework, grocery shopping and getting the kids ready for bed and school. She has more time than Josh because of his coaching jobs.

“We are a case of chaos,” Josh says.

Locking the front door behind him, Josh takes Millie to the high shool where they wait for her bus, while Laura drives separatley to take Tate to his day care.
Josh and Laura walk Millie to the bus that picks her up outside of Harrison County High School and takes her to pre-school. Josh had ruptured his left patella twice and right patella once, so he was taking physical therapy and wearing a knee brace. He said he couldn't run for five years because it hurt too much.
Before the school day starts, Laura and Josh Ashbrook take time to pay bills, read and send emails, and get ready for class. They share a classroom at the high school. "The only thing that is hard about this is that we have to share a desk," Laura says.
Josh stands and says the Pledge of Allegience with his homeroom class at the start of the school day. He will take the class roll and then head to the gym where he teahces for most of the day.
Laura changes Tate's diaper in her classroom before taking Millie to trunk-or-treat at Harrison County High School.
For the Ashbrook family, settling down at home for the evening isn't easy. Millie sits on the counter to organize her Halloween candy, Tate runs around the house before receiving his cold medicine, Josh starts to warm up his dinner and Laura attempts to diffuse the commotion.
The only bathroom in the house is currently under renovation, so the family bruhes their teeth in the kitchen sink. A renovation project intended to take a few weeks had lasted more than a month.
Tate gives his father a goodnight kiss before being put to bed. Keeping a routine sleep schedule has taught Tate to sleep in his own bed.
After a long day of school, trick-or-treating and running errands, Laura and Josh find a moment to themselves. Their busy schedules prevent them from having frequent alone time. "We need to be one of those couples that makes it a priority," Laura says.