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Maxx Berkowitz

Maxx Berkowitz


Maxx Berkowitz is a Brooklyn based experiential creative director and freelance art director with a strong foundation in graphic design, motion and emerging technology. Maxx works to create intuitive and elegant products that solve problems and rethink how people interact with the world around them.

Previously the Design Director of Outernets, a start-up building a cloud-based platform to create and control networks of displays serving interactive content to passersby dynamically through computer vision. Maxx lead the creation of the web application from concept and design through development, as well as leading the creative content team. Apart from Outernets, Maxx has worked with some of the worlds top advertising agencies including SapientRazorfish, JWT, BBDO and Y&R, on high profile brands ranging from Mercedes and Ferrero to Google, Coca Cola and Time Inc.

Maxx is the co-creator and composer of the internationally touring interactive media, live music and contemporary dance piece ‘birds sing a pretty song.’, which toured the spring of 2018 to Sofia, Bulgaria; Jerusalem, Israel; and San Diego.