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Jack Gruber

Jack Gruber

USA Today

Jack Gruber is a staff photographer at USA TODAY.

After passing his driver license test at sixteen, Jack walked into the offices of The Daily Advocate, a small hometown newspaper with a circulation of just 7,000 readers in Greenville, Ohio and declared that he wanted to be a photographer. Holding back laughter, the managing editor tossed the high school sophomore a film canister telling him to go into the darkroom and process the exposed roll of black and white film. If he could manage that, they would talk. Able to read the processing directions taped on the wall, Gruber managed to not destroy the film while spooling it on a reel and processing it correctly.

That was his first job interview and the start of Jack Gruber’s career as a photojournalist.

After graduating from the Ohio University School of Visual Communication, Jack worked as a staff photographer at the Flint Journal, The Detroit News and the Commercial Appeal in Memphis before joining the staff at USA TODAY, first based in San Francisco for ten years before moving to USA TODAY's headquarters in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.