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Scott Utterback

Scott Utterback

The Courier-Journal

Scott Utterback is the Visuals Manager for the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky. The first 17-years of his career was as a TV news photojournalist. During that time he won a couple of national awards, several Emmys, a closet full of KNPA honors and one stuffed monkey from the Bullitt County Fair.

Scott left TV a little over 10-years ago to help bolster the growing presence of video on the CJ's website. Working alongside one of the best staffs in the industry, he helped elevate their moving picture skills, while they have taught him the ways of the great freeze frame machine.

A little know secret about Scott is not that he has been to Burning Man twice. He is quick to work it into any conversation no matter how unrelated. Feel free to ask him about it if you need help falling asleep.