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Katie Salyer, 27, lets filly Lucille nuzzle her hand as she works with her on her horse farm in Morehead. Katie always dreamed of running her own farm. When she attended Morehead State University and discovered the school had a stable but no pasture for turnout, she knew she had to start her horse-boarding business in Morehead. | Photo by Alyssa Keown

Rowan County in the camera's eye

story by Mountain Workshops

With 48 photojournalists roaming the county for five days, hundreds of photographs reveal the beauty of the land and the spirit of its people. Here are some of the best.


Grace Edens has breakfast with her boyfriend, John Kincaid (J.D.) in the Morehead State University dining common before class. Grace and J.D. are both students with the Craft Academy for Academic Excellence in Science and Mathematics. | Photo by Anna Miller


A fishing boat operated by Tony Grant, a local guide, drifts along the shore of Cave Run Lake as Tony's clients cast toward the bank, near weed beds, in hopes of catching muskie. Tony turned his fishing hobby into a job and has worked as a guide since 1992. | Photo by James Collier


Addison, 8, pushes Caidean, 2, up a small hill in the backyard of their grandfathers home in Rowan County. | Photo by Zac Popik


Lila Carlisle stretches on a yoga mat at the beginning of her ballet class at Morehead Dance Academy. The owner and instructor, Lauren Monnett, demands commitment from her students and strives to instill in them self-discipline, organization, while equipping them with perseverance to handle any set backs. | Photo by Erik Kruthoff


George Caudill (left), 70, and Richard Fannin, 47, are reflected in a mirror as Daao Wagner, 61, (seated with back to camera) and Jimmy Hale (right), 57, chat while eating breakfast at Hogtown Gas & Food Mart. The market has been a fixture in Hogtown for as long as people can remember. Still thriving, the market is a hub of activity for the surrounding agricultural community. | Photo by Donghoon Sung


At Pop's BBQ, silly scenes of taxi-dermied animals contribute to the homey feel of the southern-style barbecue restaurant. "Kenny" is the squirrel that plays the banjo. Adam Ferguson opened Pop's eight years ago. Locals didn't think his business idea would work, but Adam has made an impact on the community in Morehead. The smoker runs around the clock. The restaurant served up roughly 46,000 pounds of meat in the form of pulled pork sandwiches, brisket Rueben's, ribs and other menu favorites this year during its March to November season. | Photo by Caitlin Penna


Rowan County Senior High School football player Kelly Norris watches as his teammate's younger brother, Ashton Lytle, tosses the ball. | Photo by Mira Lang


Philip Cooper, 36, rides his favorite Harley-Davidson motorcycle along a Rowan County road at dusk. For him, riding his chopper is 'wind therapy.' Philip has operated Cooper Custom Choppers in Morehead| since 2006. His father, Fred, 67, started the business in 1985 after giving up his career as a race car driver and still helps out in the shop. | Photo by Jinhwan Hong


Lauren Monnett plays hide-and-seek with her 6-year-old son Preston at their home. Lauren is a stay-at-home mother during the day and runs Morehead Dance Academy in the evenings. Lauren is passionate about her role as a mother, but also feels compelled to provide a valuable resource for other local children. She says, If I leave, then so does the opportunity for the other children I teach. It would just be gone. | Photo by Erik Kruthoff


Houseboats float at the Scott Creek Marina at Cave Run Lake. Workers arrive at the Marina as early as 6:30 a.m. to begin the day's work cleaning boats and helping fishermen suit up for trips. | Photo by Jack Zellweger


Dr. Ralph Derrickson works on a patient during surgery at the Rowan County Veterinary Clinic. Derrickson opened his practice nearly 40 years ago and now mostly cares for small animals. | Photo by Carly Geraci


Heather Conn stamps the paw print of Lady for her owner after she had been euthanized at Rowan County Veterinary Clinic. If an owner isn't in the office when a pet is put down, the clinic makes a paw print as a keepsake. The clinic has been caring for animals in Morehead for 40 years. | Photo by Carly Geraci


Dr. Perry Brown pauses for some coffee during a busy morning of surgeries at the Rowan County Veterinary Clinic. Brown substitutes for the clinic's owner, Dr. Ralph Derrickson, when he is away. The clinic has been treating animals in Morehead for 40 years. | Photo by Carly Geraci


Stars illuminate the night sky above a home in Fleming County. Fleming is situated in the hills northwest of Morehead. The house belongs to an entrepreneurial couple who built an apartment in their barn and now rent out their house using Airbnb. The photo was taken from the porch of the barn. | Photo by Demitri Staszewski


Jenny Garcia and Nery Reyes worship at an evening church service at Iglesia Cristiana Bet-el, the only church in Morehead, Kentucky, for Spanish speakers. The church practices I.C.I.A.R., a Christian denomination popular in Mexico. Jenny, originally from El Salvador, says, 'I pray for my family and that more people come to Jesus. | Photo by Anna Miller


Tom Timmermann, District Fisheries Biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, receives a hug from 3-year-old daughter Caelin while waiting for food at Pop's BBQ. Tom and and his wife of five years, Jen, both work demanding jobs, which can make the logistics of raising and supervising a child difficult to manage. | Photo by Lydia Schweickart


Artist Sam McKinney's three-level house is quiet except for the shuffling of his feet as he moves from room to room, either working, cooking meals, or watching television. He divorced six years ago – the same year his father died. His daughter lives away from home. His best friend visits a couple times a week from Huntington, West Virginia, which is 45 minutes away. Their friendship is very valuable, Sam says. "True friends are just as important as family." | Photo by Sung Chul Lee


Robyn Cline, 52, beauty salon owner, connects her work to her relationship with God. Robyn shows her client and childhood friend Joanie Conn how she plans to frame the face by cutting certain sections of hair. Robyn and Joanie have known each other since freshman year in high school, and clients of Robyn are often longtime friends. | Photo by Caroline Brehman


Morehead State University student Audrey Emery, 21, gives Jimmy Dean some special attention and a welcome treat as she cleans the hog's pen in the gestation barn. Audrey is a senior pre-veterinary medicine student who lives and works on the university farm. Jimmy is a herd boar for the farm's swine program. | Photo by Fran Ruchalski

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