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Robyn Cline, 42, shows client and childhood friend Joanie Conn how she plans to frame the face by cutting certain sections of hair. Robyn and Joanie have known each other since freshman year in high school. Clients of Robyn's hair salon are often her longtime friends.

Beauty inside and out

story by Caroline Brehman

"People say they find comfort when they come to my shop because they can feel love, they feel Jesus," says Robyn Cline, 52, owner of Hair Expressions beauty salon in Morehead.

Hair Expressions beauty salon opened in 2003. Robyn works alongside another hairdresser and friend April Trent, 35, and a recently hired intern, Felisha Bowies, 19. Their clients range in age from 40 to 80. Most come regularly and are often longtime friends.

Robyn's religious journey began when she was 14. Her sister died at 12 years old in an auto accident that also injured her mother and another sister. Robyn's large family--parents and seven children--had never found the time to go to church. When a cousin suggested that going to church could help them through this tough time, the family began attending Morehead's House of Prayer. "I was hooked," Robyn says. "Death gave me life that day."

Today, Robyn is active in her church community. She is a minister alongside her husband, Joe Cline, 43, who is a pastor as well as a chief deputy sheriff in Morehead. In addition to attending church services regularly, occasionally teaching Sunday school, and participating in church-held events, Robyn co-leads the Jail Ministry in her church. "You may be in jail, but when Jesus is in your life, you are free," Robyn says.

Robyn's relationship with God is present throughout her life. In the salon, the topic of God often comes up in conversation between Robyn and her clients. Robyn believes that her work is connected to her relationship with God. "Because Jesus is in my life, when I touch your hair, I pray for you," she says. "When I touch your hair, I'm listening to you."


Robyn cuts the hair of one of her clients. Robyn first began cutting hair when she attended the Tri-State Beauty Academy during January of her senior year in high school.


Robyn does her hair in the mirror in between clients. A picture of Robyn's grandson, Nicholas, 10, hangs on the left side of the mirror at her station.


Sarah Chaney covers her face to avoid getting anything in her eyes as Robyn gives her a perm. Longtime friends Sarah and Robyn discuss the importance of having a lifelong education and that people still continue to learn every day.


Robyn brushes loose hairs off her client Wes Sargent's face. "If a chair could talk," Robyn says. She claims clients more often pay to talk and she listens.


Robyn leaves a Bible in the waiting area of the salon for clients to read. "The word is inside you," Robyn says. She believes that everyone is "someone in Christ if you'll accept it."


Mary Hood talks with Jeri McClurg as Robyn does her hair before being filmed live for the fundraiser at Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ television station (WLJC). Robyn traveled an hour and a half with other members from her church, House of Prayer, to Beattyville to help raise money for WLJC's fundraiser.


Robyn sings alongside fellow members of the House of Prayer church, Fran Elam, Mark Hollan and Linda Griggs, during a fundraiser being filmed live at the Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ television station (WLJC). The fundraiser raises money for the station to maintain the costs of staying on the air.


Robyn prays during a funeral service held for a friend who recently passed away. Robyn says that faith, to her, is less about formal religion and more about her relationship with God.


Robyn's greatnieces and friends run up to greet her during a festival held at her church, House of Prayer. Robyn plays an active role in her church community and enjoys attending church-held events.

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