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Aaron Barkley of Henderson participates in Terror on the Trail as a clown. The event has been going on at the Brain Injury Adventure Camp in Henderson for the past six years. (Photo by Abby O'Bryan)

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During the Terror on the Trail, Tolliver Bailey of Henderson hides out while scaring the people who go through the trail. Tolliver's family has been hosting this event at thier camp for the past six years. (Photo by Abby O'Bryan)


Matthew Dotson (right), 17, and Morgan Brady, 16, from Henderson County High School await Morgan's tryout for "Les Miserable." They met in the middle school choir in seventh grade. "But we just got together three weeks ago," says Morgan. "Mr. Vincent (band director) doesn't like PDA, so we have to wait until practice is over," Matthew says. (Photo by Brittany Sowacke)


In anticipation of going out of town for the weekend for a tough mudder obstacle course, training officer Keith Brasher brought his 3-year-old, Tyson, to his job at a downtown Henderson firehouse to spend some time with him. Tyson, who refers to himself as "Tysie," did paperwork with his dad before heading out to play on a fire engine. (Photo by Carolina Hidalgo)


Teammates (from left) Madi Tompkins, 11, and Hattie Hartman, 12, joke together during soccer practice. They play on the Stars, a Pennyrile Youth Soccer Association team in Henderson. Since the head coach was out of town for the evening, Assistant Coach Taylor Tompkins says that he tried to keep the practice light and play games with the girls. (Photo by Dorothy Edwards)


Mike Galloway and his son, Seth, 8, play catch with a baseball in their front yard almost every evening. Seth plays shortstop on a local travel baseball team. Mike says this is his "dad-son time." (Photo by Jabin Botsford)


Eleanor Martin, 75, participates in the adult intermediate tap dancing class at RiverBend Academy. Martin started dancing with the class four years ago so she could dance for her husband on their 50th anniversary. (Photo by Jacob Hill)


Brandon Skipworth, 42, has been welding for 12 years at Stinson Bros. Welding Service Inc. in Henderson. (Photo by Katherine McLean)


Jockey Scott Horn works a horse during the season's final day for training at Ellis Park in Henderson. (Photo by Lathan Goumas)


An array of wildlife make a home in James John Audubon State Park. (Photo by Mark Mahan)


There's a mad dash when it's time to take turns in the bouncy playhouse at a fall festival and Trunk or Treat event at Faithway Baptist Church in Corydon. The festival is an outreach effort to attract community families to the church. (Photo by Mika Chance)


On his way from a job interview with a friend, George Thomas Sawyer Jr. considers the carcass of a doe killed Thursday night on Highway 60. George hesitates because he fears that she may be pregnant, and after handling her body and feeling the ground under her, determines that she is "too stiff for me." Though he hates for her to go to waste, George decides not to butcher the animal, and after he wipes the blood off his hands in the rainy grass, he and his friend drive off. (Photo by Natalie Taylor)


Mike Griggs (from left), Darrel Spainhoward and Bennie Clark watch other hunters on a windy morning in the woods during a weekend deer hunting trip by the Ohio River. The three have known each other since their teen years. Earlier that morning, Bennie went deer hunting with Jacob Mayes, his ex-girlfriend's son, but had to return to the campground empty-handed. "When the wind is blowing, it is not good for hunting," Darrel says. "You can't hear. You can't see as well. The deer usually hole up." (Photo by Pinar Istek)


Sasha Henderson, 9, and dog Sadie Sue Henderson, 2, play outside of their apartment. The dog eats cantaloupe, watermelon, and potatoes. "She's probably cleaner than most people," says Tammy McMurray, the dog's owner, who uses Caress body wash to clean the dog. (Photo by Veasey Conway)


Women laugh as Joe "Cajun Joe" Tieroff translates a dirty phrase from French into English at the Gathering Place, a senior center in Henderson. French is Joe's first language; he grew up in the Louisiana bayous. (Photo by Ariana van den Akker)


Brad Sutton, 32, takes off the wheels of a tow truck to be polished at the South 41 Auto Sales shop. The truck will take a month to fix and will also be used for racing. (Photo by Maddie Meyer)


Justice Evans, 2, examines his truck in his backyard on Washington Street. "That's actually my truck," says his cousin. (Photo by Margaret Cheatham Williams)


Gene Gass (left), Harold Clark and J.B. Speed wait their turns to play in a pool tournament at the Gathering Place, a senior center in Henderson. Gass and teammate Steve Lorraine, both of Henderson, were playing against Clark and Speed, who are both from Owensboro. Monthly pool tournaments pit men from Owensboro and Henderson against each other. The winning senior center gets to keep the trophy until the next month. The men play a challenging form of the game called "bank pool" in which a player must call each pocket and bank the ball off a rail on the table. (Photo by Ariana van den Akker)


From front to back, Noah Decker, 3, Brandon Flahardy, 8, and Hadden Lynch, 8, play together outside after school. The four boys are neighbors and regularly play together at each others' houses.(Photo by Dorothy Edwards)


Tyson Brasher, 3, plays on a fire engine at downtown Henderson's firehouse as Lt. Mike Ivy keeps an eye on him. In anticipation of going out of town for the weekend, Tyson's father brought him to the firehouse to spend some time with him. (Photo by Carolina Hidalgo)


Shannon Gibson, 48, has applied for disability for the past eight years after losing her job because of health issues. Shannon says her doctor advised her to avoid working with heavy machinery, though she does not want to live off the government. Shannon lives with her mother in a trailer in Weaverton Trailer Park. (Photo by Jabin Botsford)


Cece Bruner, 39, helps her 2-year-old daughter, Nancy Marie, learn to ride a tricycle. Nancy Marie has been learning to ride for about a year. The trike was a gift from her aunt and uncle. "I'm afraid she'll fall off," Bruner says. "I think we're a little over protective." (Photo by Jacob Hill)


Charles Butts walks Cut Her Loose in the shedrow at Ellis Park on the final training day of the season. (Photo by Lathan Goumas)


Kyle Arnett and Jon Hittner (center) host a dinner party in their apartment in downtown Henderson with a main course of venison seasoned with rosemary and wrapped in bacon. (Photo by Maddie Meyer)


Tom Keys gallops a horse on the last day of availability for training at Ellis Park in Henderson. The horses move for the winter to tracks throughout the country. (Photo by Mark Mahan)


Four fans of Henderson County High School athletics huddle at the top of the stands as the freshmen Colonels play the Union County Braves Thursday evening at Union County High School. (Photo by Natalie Taylor)


Amanda Porter throws her darts as her boyfriend, Jake Pershing (from left), Andrew Perry and Randall Fox watch her on a Friday night at Darren's Pub. As the group played darts. Ryan Schultz and Jeff Maricle of the band The Po'Dunk Willies played and sang a variety of songs. Jake was the winner of the game at the end of the night. (Photo by Pinar Istek)


In a field along Highway 60 Northeast of Henderson, two hunters walk back to their trucks. (Photo by Veasey Conway)


Norris Priest displays a passion for life. "I have no complaints, honey," he says. "I've been blessed with a wonderful life." Norris owns more than 100 bow ties and has worn one everyday since high school graduation, he says. "It's a gentleman who wears a bow tie," he says. "Not a day goes by someone doesn't comment on it. I guess it's the entertainer in me that enjoys the attention." In his free time, Norris rides his bike around downtown Henderson, often stopping to perform magic tricks. (Photo by Katherine McLean)


Marian Baker, 89, allows her hair to dry under the watchful eye of a model's image at Pat Wilson's Beauty College in Henderson. (Photo by Mark Mahan)


Johnny Duncan lost his wife to cancer in 2011 and is raising his 14-year-old daughter, Dakota. "She is such a beautiful, good girl," Johnny says. (Photo by Dorothy Edwards)


Bethany Wicker, 16, practices with Kevin Ferguson, 49, the pole vaulting coach of Henderson County High School. The equipment, which Ferguson calls the Spottsville Monster Track Club, sits outside Ferguson's home in Spottsville. (Photo by Jacob Hill)


Kim Fendrick cares for her mother, Rachel Bowman, who was found unconscious and hospitalized for a month before transferring to a rehabilitation center. (Photo by Lathan Goumas)


Hal Branson, 79, a retired minister, still feels responsible for visiting members of his community — in this case, Cindy Jones, 38, who is recovering from colon cancer surgery in St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville, Ind. (Photo by Maddie Meyer)


Maleeyah Jennette, 13, and her sister Star, 11, wait for the school bus outside their house. The girls have recently adopted a kitten that Maleeyah named "Shoelace." They also share a pet baby turtle named "Airport." (Photo by Natalie Taylor)


Johnny Frederick, a volunteer firefighter in three counties, outside of Henderson's pawn shop with his "eighty-something" era car. (Photo by Veasey Conway)


Simons Shoe store on Main Street in Henderson is in its 94th year. The store has been in the Simon family for three generations. It is currently owned by Bruce Simon. He bought it from his father, Larry, who still works in the store occasionally. (Photo by Jacob Hill)


Joseph Hatfield takes a knee while Casey Sandefur (right) reclines nearby. They and their teammates on the Henderson County High School freshman football team rest mid-practice Wednesday evening. Despite playing with several eighth graders on their team, they credit their current 10-1 record to their particularly rigorous practices. (Photo by Natalie Taylor)


Greg Powell, 63, teaches Susan Franklin, 45, about color and perspective in Powell's adult painting class at the RiverBend Academy in Henderson. "I took care of people all my life," says Franklin when talking about learning to paint. "I was an ICU nurse. Now I'm going to take care of myself." (Photo by Jacob Hill)


Campbell Walter, 81, prays alone after the 7 a.m. mass at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church. Campbell says he was baptized here, married here and "next thing will be to be buried here." Campbell says his grandmother and mother also attended mass at this church, where he was an altar boy in his youth. (Photo by Matthew Busch)


Liam Morgan, 3, plays with the weights at the Henderson County Family YMCA while his father, Kevin Morgan, 51, teaches a tae kwon do class. Liam and his 5-year-old sister, Addison, usually take a swimming lesson before their father's class. (Photo by Matthew Busch)


Neal Beck, 21, dangles his daughter, Harley Mattison, just out of reach of her mom, while they relax outside of their home on October 17, 2012. (Photo by Theophil Syslo)


Just before dinner, Seth Coomes (middle), 10, was riding a RipStik being towed by his friend on a bike when he took a tumble. Carlos Krous (left), and Almarrow Talbott, 9, help him test out his ankle. "If we're not riding bikes, we're playing Xbox," says Carlos. "We laugh a lot." (Photo by Jon Hernandez)


Zayden, 2, (whose parents didn't want his last name used) watches family members play basketball near their home at Short 7th St. and Adams Drive in Henderson. (Photo by Brittany Sowacke)


For more than 30 years, Jackie Leeg has been making his own wine. "I used to make 10 or 12 barrels a year," Jackie says. "But that's when I was younger and had more parties." This year, he made a few batches of cherry wine, his sister Nancy's favorite. (Photo by Brittany Sowacke)


Matt Rumans, 17, takes a spill off his Razor Pro Black Edition & BMX bike. (Photo by Lisa Di Giacomo)


Gleen Cohen sweeps out leaves in front of Simons Shoes in downtown Henderson. "It's kind of meaningless to do this. They are gonna blow back anyways," says Cohen, who has worked at Simons for 24 years. (Photo by Ian Maule)


Robert Vowels chats with Melodie and Horace Shrader, dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Barnabas Collins from the television show Dark Shadows, at the Moose Lodge, Post 732. The Shraders were on their way to a Halloween party in Louisville. (Photo by Ian Maule)


Students from Henderson County High School hang out on the banks of the Ohio River in Henderson. Some students say they come here because of the lack of entertainment in the city. (Photo by Ian Maule)

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