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Husband and wife Damon and Julie Nantz are depicted here in this caricature drawn by Damon's daughter, Sarah.

Dynamic Duet

story by Matthew Busch

Their first date shouldn’t have happened. Julie had decided to back out. A movie in the rain? “You’ll get wet,” she remembers telling him. “Well," Damon replied, already standing at her front door, “I’m about as wet as I’ll be.”

A shared love of music and its transformative powers led them to marry in 2009. They started their home music business, N Tune Piano Service, the same year. Julie teaches piano lessons while Damon teaches guitar and drums as well as tunes and repairs pianos.

“We are both extremely self-driven people,” says Julie. Adds Damon: “I think everyone needs to have some sort of music in their lives.”

Julie credits her teaching style to instructors such as her Henderson high school piano teacher, Grace Swingle. “The things they taught me,” she says, “I teach my students." For instance, she motivates her students by capitalizing on their interests. When Julie's 9-year-old piano student Nathan Baird expressed his love for "Star Wars," she told him he could play "Star Wars" theme songs after his more studious pieces.

The couple takes joy in the success of their students. When a student of theirs needed a place to practice, Damon suggested that she practice in their garage. Vivian Tsai would practice for hours in the Nantz's garage and eventually received a music scholarship to Transylvania University.

It is because of the Nantz's faith that they have dedicated their time and talents to music. "This is something we know God put us here to do," Damon says. Julie agrees that they are tied together through their faith: "This is our core."


Julie Nantz shows her student Henry Baer how to place his hands on the keys of her practice piano in her home and business, N Tune Piano Service.


Julie Nantz (second from letf) teaches piano to David DiLegge, while her husband Damon Nantz talks to David's identical twin, Ethan DiLegge. Julie teaches in the couple's front room while Damon conducts his lessons in the garage.


Julie Nantz holds her business scheduling book in her lap as she and her husband, Damon, drive home after running errands. Between them, they teach about 100 students per week.


Damon Nantz talks to Jon Miller (reflected in car mirror), the stepfather of guitar student Owen Sanderson, 9. Miller was picking up Owen after his lesson.


The father of a piano student, Pushkaraj Jadhav, walks into the Nantz's front door just as Rose Mathias, 14, and her great aunt Cheryl Schreiner, are leaving.


Julie Nantz,teaches her identical twin piano students, Ethan (center) and David DeLegge.


Damon Nantz removes the keys from a piano he is repairing at his home and business, N Tune Piano Service.


Damon and Julie Nantz own and run a music lesson and piano tuning business operated from their home in Henderson. Damon Nantz is pictured here talking with one of his lesson clients at his home on Tuesday, October 16, 2012.


Julie and Damon Nantz pray together before lunch. Damon says they are unique. "A lot of people aren't spiritually tied together the way we are."

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