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Bryce Hoffman (left) and Casey Millhof play "Creationary" at North Middle School. Casey, a senior at Henderson County High School, spends her sixth and seventh class hours and time after school at the middle school assisting Jodie Blemker with the after-school program. Casey dressed up for "Twin Day," part of Homecoming Spirit Week festivities.

Always 110 percent

story by Cameron Clark

It's a rare 17-year-old who has the maturity to juggle the schedule that Casey Millhof does.

What cheerleader would choose craft night for her church after the Homecoming game (where she was on the court) instead of going to the dance the rest of the high school is attending?

She wakes up at 5:30 a.m. and hits her snooze button "five" times because it helps her feel like she "got more sleep."

By 7:15 a.m. on Wednesdays she is at one of two middle schools as a representative for WyldLife, a Christian student organization aimed at reaching middle school kids.

Next she drives her Chevy Malibu to Henderson County High School (where she has a 4.0 average) and takes two AP courses plus "Student Bank" where she is the co-president. She has a co-op class where she is a paid assistant for two to three hours a day and then heads to cheerleading practice. If she doesn't have cheerleading, she hits the gymnastics floor and completes a tumbling routine including: eight back flips and three tumbling passes.

She eats a quick tuna sandwich at Subway, and because her shift at Sonic that evening was cancelled, she takes in the regional boys soccer game with friends. After that she attends the First Assembly of God Youth Group meeting.

To close her day around 10 p.m. she receives a Bible passage text from her WyldLife coordinator. She reads and studies it, writes about it in her journal and then prays before falling asleep to start it all again the next day.

Jessica Grace, Casey's Financial Services teacher, describes Casey as a "natural leader who lives her life as an example of her faith."

Tony Rutledge, her cheerleading coach, says, "Casey is exactly what every coach wants. She gives 110 percent every day."


Seniors and best friends Holly Backer (left) and Casey Millhof learn that Issiah Ruby just won an iPad raffled at the pep rally before Henderson Country High School homecoming. The raffle opportunity went to students who pledged not to text and drive.


Gymnastics awards from first through seventh grade are displayed in Casey Millhof's room. Casey's mother, Cathy Millhof, has coached girls gymnastics ever since Casey was a little girl. She currently works at Todd's Gymnastic Academy.


Jesse Lykins (from left), Dillian Bowles and Casey Millhof pray before going into South Middle School where they will talk to students about joining WyldLife, a Christian organization aimed at reaching students in their environment. Casey, a senior at Henderson County High School, is a WyldLife leader.


From left, seniors Casey Millhof and Holly Backer, both 17, and junior Savannah Vowels,16, enjoy the Henderson County High School regional boys soccer game against Hopkinsville.


Casey Millhof, 17-year-old senior at Henderson County High School, sweeps up litter at her part-time job at Sonic Drive-In on U.S. Highway 60 East after school Thursday.


Casey Millhof readies herself for the Henderson County High School homecoming game. Casey says election to the homecoming court became a goal for her during freshman year — even though it doesn't seem as important to her as a senior. "It would be awesome to win, but I probably won't," she says.


Henderson County High School seniors on the homecoming court pose for a group photo in the school cafeteria before the homecoming game.


Casey Millhof walks onto the football field at the Henderson County High School homecoming game. Casey was one of six girls chosen from a pool of 68 senior girls elected to the homecoming court. Her escort is eighth grade stand-in Spencer Buley. She was slated to walk with senior Hunter Comer but because he's the Quarterback, he had to have a substitute.


Casey Millhof didn't expect to be named homecoming queen at Henderson County High School, but she stilll was a little disappointed when she didn't win the crown.

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