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Somerset, KY

Rooted in Beauty

The sun rises over rugged hills, passes over the bustling city of Somerset and sets over rolling farmland to the west. Close by is Lake Cumberland, which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The landscape inspires strong opinions among residents, including one fellow who says simply: “This is the most beautiful place in world.“ Clearly a lot of people would agree.


A steady, stern hand

For Coach Robbie Lucas, life is about more than football.

by Whitney Leaming


Active love

Active Day of Somerset is a place filled with people who love.

by Tim Harris


Avoiding the rust

For Carter Muse the secret to a long life is hard work, family and the land

by Brittany Sowacke


Being Julia

Julia Blenkhorn never leaves the house without kissing everyone goodbye.

by Shelby Mack


Breaking even

“They’re running the small farmer out,” Jim says, looking out over the pastures of his childhood.

by Carolina Hidalgo


Catering bond

The Sobiecks’ common interest propelled them from being just a couple to being two chefs running a successful catering service.

by Nat Bayjay


Coffee and community

At Amon’s Sugar Shack, discussions about politics and sports can get as heated as the coffee.

by Heather Cassano


Community pastor

Since Pastor Reggie Tipton came to White Oak Baptist, attendance has grown sixfold.

by Sam Oldenburg


Cruising with the oldies

Local man, town have a passion for the classics

by Kevin Cook


Cutting Teeth

Sixteen-month-old Bennett Tucker sees the dentist seven days a week, and seems to enjoy it.

by Khristopher Kramer


Distributing books, delivering love

The Pulaski County Public Library’s bookmobile.

by Spencer Bakalar


Downtown Diner

Ask anyone in Somerset where to find a good burger, and they will point you to Lynn’s Lunchbox.

by Justin Philalack


Familiarity breeds ‘content’

The grass grows greenest right under Ruth Ann Burton’s feet.

by Tony Hoare


Farming genes

Charles and Mark Bishop make their rounds on land that has been in their family for 97 years.

by Leslye Davis


Having the faith to fail

A couple and their six children build a life at Longwood Hollow.

by Megan Westervelt


Helping farmers

Bruce Bruce grew up on a farm and says he became a veterinarian because it would keep him in touch with agriculture.

by Katie Rausch


Johnny B’s Secret Ingredient

Johnny B and his wife Nellie grill nearly every day.

by Luke Sharrett


Life’s second chance

The vista offers a dream sequence — and that fits Barry Burkett’s life perfectly.

by Michael Rivera


Love of the Land

State Rep. Tommy Turner is equally comfortable hashing out legislation or roaming the farm.

by Demetrius Freeman


Mr. and Mrs. Mayor

Breezing through town in his white Corvette or on his Harley, Ron Jones stands out.

by Michele Kraus


No appointment necessary

Jerry can’t remember wanting to be anything but a barber.

by Alix Mattingly


Orchestrating life

When the life of Patty Loveless ended in June 2011, her husband Ricky began his life as a conductor.

by Crystin Faenza


Puppy love

Bob Walther is the proud owner of three rat terriers, two of which are therapy pets.

by Lauren Vied


Staying Afloat

Businessman J.D. Hamilton hadn’t intended to be a marina operator on Lake Cumberland.

by Jerry Englehart Jr.


Striving for perfection

Mariko Krause has a drive unlike ‘most any other teenager.

by Ariana McLaughlin


The book and its cover

When it comes to Jessica Van Bruggen, the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” fits perfectly.

by Sarah Gerace


The Season

Somerset duo produces “The Season,” a Web-based series documenting their school’s football team.

by Charles Weibel


The town mother

Elaine Wilson collects other people’s memories.

by Megan Tan


Tumbling forward

What Katie Dalton might achieve before she turns 15 is anyone’s guess but hers.

by Lauren Wood


Turning wood to art

“Other people look at a burl and see disease. I see money,” says Chris Ramsey.

by Natalie St. John


We (heart) animals

Veterinarian Tammie Bumgardner’s compassion has saved countless locals animals

by Sarah Coulter


‘He can’t do that, you know.’

Aaron is a varsity wide receiver who has six fingers.

by Eric Shea


‘If you break it, I can fix it’

At age 95, Ira “Red” Cornett still gets to work at his machine shop every day promptly at 9 a.m.

by Sammy Jo Hester


“Birds of a feather . . .”

A nurturing spirit is what drives Francis Carter as she cares for her students and her birds.

by Morgan Walker


Unconditional Love

Adam Theodore was starting his senior year in high school when tragedy struck. Now, “family” is the most important thing he has.

by Greg Johnson


The Rescuer

Alyce Grover refuses to give up on people — or animals.

by Mike Mulholland


Take and Give

Joe Neikirk runs his store according to the principles of his faith. Among them: Thou shalt not steal.

by Andrew Propp


A Wild Soul

Wildlife Rehabilitator, Alan Sidwell, loves animals deeply enough to let them go.

by Andrea Wise


Rising from the Ashes

Terry Moore built a business to begin healing a broken heart.

by Gaily Ligaiya Romero


Forever Young

These days Glenda and Jimmy Eastman are living the grandparents’ dream.

by Lain Ewing


A Way of Life

Jerry Gentry works long days, and he has struggled to stay in business. But he can’t imagine doing anything else.

by Celina Fang


Father’s Fury

Movita Michael explores her past through her art.

by Wesley Bacon


Love Song

Tammy Williams is a one-singer woman. Straight up.

by Sara Lewkowicz


A Grave Decision

Small-town life turns out to be more satisfying than Renny Smith expected.

by Bailey Nance



A terrifying sound challenges champion athlete Makayela Banks.

by Josh Mauser


Lean on Me

Rhonda Wilford is the kind of friend you want when life gets really tough.

by Greg Moore


In Their Blood

A tragic choice four decades ago still shapes life for Pam Marrinan and her daughter, Charline.

by Maya Sugarman


Whatever It Takes

Tawana Collins wants the best for her daughter. But she can’t do it alone.

by Catherine Spangler


Committed to Care

The answer to our prayers isn’t always what we expect.

by Jessica Marcy


One good note

Patricia Cooper had always wanted to learn to play the violin. Now, it's about more than music.

by Vanessa Patchett


Save Me

In a world of uncertainty, help sometimes comes from unexpected places.

by Paige Stoyer


Future Focus

Like many young waitresses, Christen Stoll has dreams of college and a professional career. But first, she must raise money to overcome another challenge.

by Chris Hintz


Timeless Art

Dan Dutton loves to get lost in creativity.

by Zach Conkle


Crank It Up

Denzel Gaines refuses to be separated from the Bluegrass music he loves.

by Renée Deemer


Family Values

Shoot safely. Eat what you kill. Honor the Lord. Ronnie Claiborne knows what he believes in.

by Gino Siller


Charlie Lives!

Who’s the man who has kept Science Hill School children out of the boiler room for 40 years?

by Mimi Schiffman


Roadside Ark

Lots of people have collections. Few collect like Tammy Todd.

by Terri Flagg