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A Class Act

Chris Wilson

To her students, Jan Raine is a focused and attentive guide, connecting them to a world of learning.

A quiet life

Zack Conkle

For Janice and Austin Cook of Hardin County boredom is not a familiar concept.

Blended family time

Adam Reynolds

Before the rising sun cuts through autumn’s morning chill the Hale household is abuzz with activity.

Blessings and sacrifice

Jessica Scott

Sister Michael is the principal of St. James School, Hardin County’s only Catholic school.

Building a Family

Lindsay Fendt

“Getting Carissa was about me becoming a mom and fulfilling my dream.”

Co-piloting a business

Elizabeth Frantz

Roger and Anne Lawson have owned Elizabethtown Flying Service Inc. for 38 years.

Collecting his thoughts

Karen Evans

David Willmoth, three-term mayor and lifelong resident of Elizabethtown, arrived last to a lunch meeting of the Hardin County United Governance Subcommittee.

Community eatery reopened

Victoria Taylor

Michelle Bowen grew up enjoying the deep-fried fries, cheesy burgers and creamy milkshakes the community cherishes.

Courtly moments

Bailey Hall

Elizabethtown High School senior Hillari Caso and her mother Lari Caso savored every moment leading up the the school’s homecoming football game.

Cultivating the past

Joseph Abell

The barn that Steve Wooden and his father built 20 years ago still stands, just like the one his grandfather built years before.

Cup o' Jo

John Heisel

In the cold, in the dark, 10 feet from a roaring stream of northbound trucks, Jo Emary commenced another day of campaigning.

Dramatic flair

Brittany Sowacke

The halls of Lincoln Trail Elementary School in Elizabethtown ring with one name – Erin. Teachers, bus drivers, custodians and schoolmates of all ages greet her with happy shouts and high-fives.

Dreaded diagnosis

Kaitlin Keane

Richard Ray learned Wednesday his best friend is dying.

Family Business

Cooper Neill

After an erratic career as a young freelance artist, Rich Griendling found success.

Family dinners

David Toczko

Delores Copelin, 61, is now her own boss. She took over the family business about a decade ago.

Farming a legacy

Derek Poore

The oil was all over the place, but Steve Rogers smiled.

Finding passion

Russell Kuhner

It took being laid off for Sherri McIntosh to explore her dream career. Tireless and passionate about teaching, Sherri opened Art Smart on North Mulberry Street in Elizabethtown in 2008.

Francis & Johnnie; Cuts above

Katherine Vance

Johnnie and Francis Simpson are more than just barbers.

Game Day at Central Hardin

Gino Siller

“Let’s go defense!” echoes from the stands at Central Hardin High School stadium.

Game Plan

Carlos Moreno

Mitchell Henry wears number 85 when he plays wide receiver for the Elizabethtown High School football team.

Gas up, chill out

Sam English

Upton is a community where people wave to each other and to those just passing through.

Going mobile

Waverly Wyld

Everybody gets invited to her party.

Healing harmonies

Josh Mauser

After learning the piano when she was younger, Lorinda wanted to know more.

In Sickness and in Health

Alyssa Orr

Ted and Darlene Zaehringer have been married for 43 years.

Joshua’s Journey

Armando Sanchez

Surrounded by towering objects and daunting distances, Joshua explores with earnest and wonder.

Labor of love

Julia Walker Thomas

Steve and Debbie Caswell knew something was different about their daughter.

Light, Labor, and Learning

Ryan Stone

Hardin County offers nearly endless opportunities to explore the beauty nearby.

Memories revisited

Joshua Boucher

Masayo Emke takes a piece of origami paper and begins folding a crane.

Modern Family

Scott Williams

Michelle Sharp’s day begins before the sun rises.

Moving day

Arkasha Stevenson

For the past four months, the Beverly family has lived in Elizabethtown hotels.

On Dad’s Farm

Kirsten Aguilar

When Jonathan Knight starts talking about his son, his demeanor turns calm, and his voice dials down — quiet, slow, contemplative.

Parents wait for answer

Emma Tannenbaum

Unlike other 9 year olds, Matthew has had to overcome odds stacked against him.

Pearman Power

Bryan Lemon

People always remember their best teacher.

Place setting

Dustin Chambers

Regena Senay, a widow for 25 years now, searched for a “place” in the world for seven years after her husband’s death.

Preparing for the end

Jessica Seifert

Ten years ago, Russell Hargan began to assemble the frames of the caskets that will eventually hold him and his wife.

Puppy Love

J. Barrett Griffin

Pam Adams, 54, operates a dog kennel and training school at her 11-acre farm in Rineyville.

Quality Control

Melissa Keeley

This is a fabric junkie’s fantasy, a quilter’s dream come true.

Sallee Farm

Amanda Davidson

On past Christmas Eves, about 75 people would squeeze into Mamie Sallee’s small, White Mills farmhouse to celebrate as a family.

Scary close

Jon Garcia

Horror movie actors live beneath a façade of fear.

Scenes of E-town

Mountain Workshops

Feature photographs from Elizabethtown 2010

Seven Generations

Caitlyn Greene

In 1971, Kenny Albert climbed up in the big chair at Estle Vowels’ barbershop.

Talon’s World

Samantha Rainey

Like many 10-year-olds, Talon Spell likes playing outside, riding bikes, and video games.

Teacher, sister, friend

Wesley Bacon

Every weekday evening, Lara Beard, a special education teacher, walks the trails hidden within the trees at her home in Elizabethtown.

That’s Pam

Uday Khambadkone

Pam Harper does not call or send emails. She goes to see people when she needs to get something done.

The Long Journey Home

Gaily Ligaiya Romero

Gertrude broke her right hip on her 90th birthday, the night before her big party.

The State of Grace: aging gracefully

Scott Clark

Family is important to Grace Deaton.

The talk of the town

Kelly Lafferty

When Thelma Willow makes the rounds to All Of Us, a Vine Grove restaurant that is one of her regular hangouts, eating isn’t necessarily her priority.

Unexpected Hero

Brynn Anderson

“Brandon! Brandon! Can you please help me, Brandon?”


A Cinderella story

Robert Deutsch

A measure of healing

Amanda Lucidon

A sound education

Greg Johnson

Farming’s future

Scott Julian

Feline frenzy

Katie Englert

Gone to the dogs

Amie Dworecki

Grandma’s way

Cassie Brooks


Stephanie Klein-Davis

Home girl

Katye Martens

Jason’s ladder

Sara Lewkowicz

Labor of love

Katie Falkenberg

Leave Without Absence

Leslye Davis

Lesson in faith

Jessica Onsurez

Messenger of hope

Rebecca Barnett

My forever family

Margaret Cheatham Williams

Rising star

Chris Langer

Six thousand miles close

Michael Conti

Tender mercies

Shaminder Dulai

The station master of Somewhere

Allison Shelley


Jesse Neider