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Ruth Clevenger trudges through the congestion of roosters and hens as she searches for loose eggs and dead birds early Friday morning in White Plains, Ken. Clevenger is the primary laborer at Clevenger Farms where 22,000 chickens produce eggs for Tyson Foods, Inc.

The Chickens and the Eggs

story by John Nowak



Ruth watches as her son-in-law Richard Hallum tests his two-month-old daughter Hayley's grip with an egg. Richard is looking for steady work and occasionally helps out by sorting eggs and disposing of dead chickens.



Richard Hallum, his wife Jennifer and his two-month-old daughter Hayley attend Sunday services with his mother-in-law Ruth Clevenger at the New Lakeside General Baptist Church in White Plains, Ky.




Shaquile Jernigan, 14, left, and Michael Matchem, 15, practice a game of hoops late Saturday afternoon on West Farren Street in Earlington, Ky.