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Doris and J.P.

story by Dana Rieber



"My people are more important to me than keeping a big, nice office," said Frankie Latham of the Hopkins Co. Sheriff Dept. Latham, who is finishing his first term as head of the Dept. spends most of each day making phone calls and making sure business runs well.


John "J.P." Brown, 84, and wife Doris, 74, of Madisonville, sit quitely while driving to the visitation of their friend, William "Billy" Free, at theTucker Funeral Home in Muhlenberg. "J.P. and I both feel that God has left us here to try to be a comfort," Doris Brown said. William's wife, Lorene Free, and Doris are childhood friends.


"People enjoy greens so much we feel like we can't stop growing them," Dorris Brown, 74, said while cutting turnip greens with her 84-year-old husband, John, in the garden behind their second home. The couple grows vegetables to sell at the local farmers' market on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Madisonville. "People would be so disappointed if we didn't have greens, " Dorris Brown said. "So whether we want to or not, we'll have to keep growing them."


On a chilly Saturday morning, John "J.P." Brown, 84, and his wife, Doris, 74, of Madisonville, wait for their first customer after setting up their homegrown produce stand at the local farmers market.


Doris Brown, 74, and her husband, John "J.P." Brown, 84, of Madisonville, tend to their first customer at the local farmers' market on a chilly Saturday morning. Royce Yancey, 61, of Earlington, Ky. purchases mustard greens and turnip greens regularly from the Browns. "They're better here," Yancey said.


Doris and John "J.P." Brown enjoy a quite moment while eating dinner in their Madisonville, Ky., home.


A mirror located in the living room of John "J.P." Porter and his wife, Doris, casts a reflection as Porter passes by.


John "J.P." Brown, 84, sits quitely while his wife, Doris, 74, makes a phone call in their Madisonville home. The husband and wife sometimes barely speak. "Me and J.P. have been together so long we donÍt have to talk anymore," Doris Brown said.


Doris Brown of Madisonville, Ky., talks with childhood friend Lorene Free(left) of Muhlenberg, Ky., during the visitation of her late husband, William "Billy" Free at theTucker Funeral Home in Muhlenberg while Dola Drake Mallory, 83, and her husband Henry, 84, wait patiently for their turn. "J.P. and I both feel that God has left us here to try to be a comfort," Brown said.


Doris Brown, 74, of Madisonville, Ky., says goodbye to longtime friend Marvin "Bud" Ellison, 82, of Drakesburg, Ky., before leaving Tucker Funeral Home with her husband, "J.P.". "I've known her all my life," Ellison said. "She was my girlfriend."


Holding hands with her husband, Doris Porter reads her bible during Sunday services at Madsion Ave. Church in Madisonville, Ky.


A' Mya Long, 11 mos., of Madisonville, Ky., entertains herself at the Dinky Diner while waiting for her mother, Amber, to finish eating.


Surrounded by fellow parishoners, Teresa Tapp, 50, of Madisonville, Ky., is anointed shortly after services began at Madison Ave. Church in Madisonville.