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Taylr, Shawn Lutz's fourth child, spells her name without an "o" because when Shawn and her third husband Tom Furgerson were deciding on names, Shawn insisted on "Taylor" and was adamantly opposed to Tom's suggestion of "Tiffany." Tom relented on the condition that he could decide the spelling. Tom lives across the street from Shawn and Taylr routinely splits time between both homes.

Mother Hen

story by Jonathan Young



Chelsea Johnson, age 13, applies make up before a night at the movies as her mother Shawn Lutz, age 37, and sister Taylr Fergerson, age 11, embrace on Friday October 20, 2006.


Shawn Lutz, age 37, and her daughters Natalie Goshen, age 18 months, and Taylr Furgerson, age 11, finish supper at home as Izzy the cat relaxes on the living room table on Thursday October 19, 2006.


Chelsea Johnson, age 13, mother Shawn Lutz, age 37, and sister Taylr Fergerson, age 11, apply makeup before an evening at Capitol Theatres on Friday, October 20, 2006.


Afer falling asleep on the couch the night before, Taylr Furgerson watches television before dawn after her mother roused her for school on Thursday October 19, 2006. Taylr splits time between her mother Shawn Lutz's house and her father Tom Furgerson's house across the street. Speaking of her third husband, "we were better friends" than husband and wife, and they remain close today.


The to-do list of the single mom starts early: Shawn Lutz will deliver 18-month-old Natalie to her babysitter just across the street and see 11-year-old Taylr (at right) off to school, before she begins her own workday as a respiratory therapy instructor on Friday, October 20, 2006.



Taylr Furgerson, age 11, rests on her couch before dawn, on Thursday, October 19, 2006.

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