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Larry Bishop is the principal at Christ the King School, a small Catholic school on the north side of Madisonville. He not only makes sure the building runs as it should, but teaches religion and science to the fifth through eigth grade classes.

Larry Bishop

story by Drew Bewley



Attending Catholic schools for all but his Master's Degree, Mr. Bishop is feels very strongly about the benefits of sending children to religious rather than public Schools. "Kids at this age are just like sponge, and they need to be put with things that are good for them".


The shouts and laughter of children echo through the hallways of Christ the King School as the bell rings telling them to go home. Students clamor for the attention of Larry Bishop, the school's principal, to show him their grades, artwork and sometimes a loose tooth. "It's amazing what kids will give back when you push them in the right direction", Mr. Bishop said.


Juggling administration with teaching, there is little free time for Mr. Bishop and he can often be seen during his free periods helping students with subjects they have difficulty with.


"I never wanted to do anything else" said Bishop who wanted to be a teacher since the 7th grade. "It's a lot of hours, but it's worth it to see the kids achieve."


Late at night cars slip down Main St. past Ferrell's, while inside people enjoy a warm mean and catch up with their Friends. Opened in 1926 the local diner was passed down to Phillip Farrell through his family. Today it is one of the few restaurants in Madisonville that is open all night, and of those the only one that is not a national chain.



The a crew from Railworks work to set achors in the railway bed as they cut and stretch the railroad ties so that the tracks won't buckle when they swell under heat and pressure. "Machines can do a lot of the heavy work", Foreman Eugene Magana explains, "But there is still some that can only be done by hand."

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