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Dr. Slaton jokes with customers during a busy day at the Madinsonville Veterinary Clinic on Friday, October 20, 2006. While he spends most of his time tending to the animals, filling prescriptions and completing paperwork, he enjoys the few moments to interact with the pet owners, many with whom he is long-time friends.

Madinsonville Veterinary Clinic

story by Ashley Wilkerson






Dr. Edmond Slaton looks out the window of his veterinary clinic as he waits for clients to arrive on a quiet Saturday morning. The 63-year-old veterinarian has practiced in Madisonville for 32 years. As Hopkins County has slowly drifted away from its agricultural background, Slaton's practice has transformed from focusing on a large animals to personal pets.


Dr. Edmond Slaton, a local veterinarian who has practiced in Hopkins County for more than 30 years, checks on his small patient Smokey. The 3-month-old kitten underwent neutering and declawing surgery at Madisonville Veterinary Clinic. Smokey's owner, James Long, adopted the stray kitten a few weeks ago. "I saw him out there on the side of the road and it took me a while to catch him," says Long, "I pulled off the road, chased him, caught him, played with him, fed him, and decided to keep him."


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