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Mayor Stacia Peyton listens to the national anthem before Rocktoberfest at Riverside park in Dawson Springs, Ky.

Mayor Stacia Peyton

story by James Plumlee



Dawson Springs Mayor Stacia Peyton talks with Garnett Young at the First Baptist Church of Dawson Springs.


Dawson Springs Mayor Stacia Peyton, left, is part of the 9 a.m. "coffee break" group that meets at the back of Clark, Beshear and Clark furniture store in Dawson Springs.


Mayor Stacia Peyton began her political career as a Dawson Springs City Councilor. Current City Council member and mayoral candidate Ross Workman, is challenging Peyton in the 2006 Dawson Springs November election. Peyton was not considering running for mayor until she found out that challenger Ross Workman would be unopposed.


Dawson Springs Mayor Stacia Peyton listens to construction worker Kenneth Crawford describe the new sidewalk between buildings to Computer Knights owner Ed Beeney. Beeney emailed the Mayor Peyton with a concern that the concrete was not poured properly and that rainwater will flood his building.


Dawson Springs Mayor Stacia Peyton discusses the 09:00 "coffee break" at Clark, Beshear and Clark furniture where a group will meet with Mark Little who is campaigning for county attorney.


Stylist Kathy McAbee dries mayor Stacia Peyton's hair at the Hair Fix Salon in Dawson Springs, Ky. Small town politics is discussed everywhere, including the salon chair.


Dawson Springs mayor Stacia Peyton retrieves political signs from the trunk of her car for a constituent making a donation. Peyton's 2006 campaign will cost $2500 and she will do most of the door knocking and sign posting herself.


Sizzle Gullett of the band Fury tunes his bass at Rocktoberfest in Dwason Springs, Ky.

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