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A warm hug at the alter follows a time of prayer at Covenant Community Church near the end of Sunday morning worship.

Covenant Community Church

story by Eric Thigpen



A warm embrace follows a rousing call to worship and prayer as these parishioners support one another.


Bill Mullennix, age 72 originally from Madisonville enjoys a cup of coffee and conversation at Ferrell's, a local dinner in the downtown area of Madisonville.


James Stamps, age 61, of Lewisburg, KY participated in the Shriner's parade that made it's way through Madisonville's historic district early on Saturday. James attended a buffet and raffle following the parade to welcome new members. Later this evening the new inductees will be presented with the distinctive red fez that many people associate with the organization.


Two members of Covenant Community Church pray for their fellow attendee at the alter call following the morning preaching.



As these two men part ways after morning worship at Covenant Community Church members pour into the parking lot after Sunday services.


Fellowship is emphasized and demonstrated Sunday mornings as these members of Covenant Community Church know all too well.


Members of Covenant Community Church lift their hands and sing during song services. The church has achieved a membership of nearly 800 after starting six years ago.


Locals routinely congregate at Ferrell's to catch up on the local gossip and share a mean together.


Shannon Cline, 41, of rural Hopkins County, KY has been featured in the local newspaper, The Messenger, for making wood carvings with his chainsaw.


Bill Lafoon and an associate of Ruby Concrete Company appreciate the view from atop the facilities used to manufacture concrete blocks for local contractors and the coal mining industry.


This couple open their Bible to follow the morning message at Covenant Community Church.


Kermit Centers of Scottville, KY and fellow Shriner Herald King have just participated in a parade throught the center of Madisonville. The are on their way back to the Shriners temple to celebrate the recent acceptance of new members into the order.

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