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Steve Reed is the pastor of Solid Rock Church on West Center Street, but also runs Reed's Renovations, a construction business he owns. The church is known for its laid-back atmosphere, where the congregation is free to wear what they want and at each service is served cookies and coffee.

Pastor Steve Reed

story by Dave Taylor



Steve Reed is described as a joyful man who is always laughing. He pastors Solid Rock Church in Madisonville, and has directed the congregation toward a much more relaxed atmosphere.


Steve and his worker, Drew Ball, 25, around at Cracker Barrel Thursday. The atmosphere at work is similar to the atmosphere at the church Reed pastors, where people can feel free to be themselves without judgment.


Steve Reed, right, balances on trusses as he and employee Phillip Hudnall lay a roof on an addition to a house in Hanson. Reed, pastor of Solid Rock Church in Madisonville, balances leading his 125-member church and running his business. He sometimes employs his parishioners.


Steve Reed straightens trusses on an addition his company, Reed's Remodeling, is building onto a home in Hanson. Reed started the business two years ago, and runs the business while also pastoring Solid Rock Church in Madisonville.


Reed takes a break Friday after a long day of laying roof decking on a home addition in Hanson. Rainy days had hampered progress, but he is looking forward to upcoming sunny days.


Susie Reed recently had surgery for Diverticulitis, which led to an infection in her arm. Her recovery will take approximately three months and has slowed the activities the couple normally engage in.


Pastor Steve Reed and his wife, Susie, watch television on a Saturday night in their Madisonville home. Suzie Reed recently had surgery so they use most of their free time relaxing at the house and playing with their dog, Trixie. Reed is pastor of Solid Rock Church in Madisonville, where he leads 125 parishioners.

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