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Resplendent in painstakingly arranged feathers, a strutting turkey lures clients into Randy and Ethan Duncan's taxidermy shop. EDT/LW

Acorn Ridge Taxidermy

story by Meredith Kinkead



Owner Randy Duncan is in charge of all aspects of mounting the fish brought to Acorn Ridge Taxidermy.


The glass eye of a mounted doe reflects the world outside of Acorn Ridge Taxidermy. EDT/LW


The Styrofoam deer figure must be shaped and shaved to be a perfect fit for the treated deer hide.


Ethan Duncan worked until 2 a.m. to finish this mount with only the other mounts to keep him company. He is not paid a salary and will not not recieve money until the project is picked up.


Owner of Acorn Ridge Taxidermy heads out for breakfast after an unsuccessful day of hunting on the first day of muzzle loading season.


Trains run daily throughout Madisonville


The colorful leaves will all soon fall from the trees for the winter in Madisonville, KY.