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Sandusky's daily trip to his mule barn on Kelch Lane to water and feed his jacks and dog....

Boyd Snadusky

story by Tiffany Brown



Boyd Sandusky, center, takes a look at the morning paper before starting work at Lebanon Water Works. Boyd, better known as "Mule Man," tends to his mules before and after work each day.


Boyd Sandusky gets ready for the day with his son Brandon, 9. Wrestling and kicking a soccer ball around in the morning are typical morning playtime activities for father and son before Boyd goes to work and Brandon heads off for fourth grade.


Before leaving for work at Lebanon Water Works, Boyd Sandusky pauses to console his daughter, Natalie, 16, who is feeling ill. Boyd's wife, Donna, looks on.


Boyd Sandusky says a prayer before dinner with his family.


Boyd Snadusky peers over one of his three jack mules, KY Clyde, at his barn east of Lebanon on Kelch Lane. Sandusky loves the old-ways of working the land with mules and going for wagon rides with a mule team, he plans to one day convert the front of the barn into an old-timey hang out complete with a pot belly stove where locals can come and relax.

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